Our values and professional presence

Our values

Our fundamental values that underlie all of our activities are professional excellence recognized by clients, strategic thinking and a European approach. And why these three?

Professional excellence because we answer client inquiries accurately and rapidly by providing realistic solutions to their problems.

Strategic thinking because we do not only look at isolated problems but their wider context as well. We examine problems in correlation with the life and legal situation they present thereby looking for actual long-term solutions.

A European approach because in our work we rely on values that made Europe a livable and safe continent: humanism, rule of law, equality before the law and conflict resolution within a legal framework.

Professional presence

Our clients have come from five continents representing more than twenty industries and have used our services offered in more than ten practice areas. Thanks to our network of international relations we are part of the professional information flow and this allows us to directly and constantly follow all changes to the rules of international transactions and law of the European Union.