Prix Advocatus

The PRIX ADVOCATUS award was established by VAROCLIER ASSOCIÉS (Paris) and the KUN & PARTNER (Budapest-Paris) law offices.

By creating this award the founders would like to contribute to the dissemination of professional and cultural experiences on the basis of the traditions of French-Hungarian friendship and cooperation. The intention of the founders was to put the intellectual properties created with the help of the award to the use of French and Hungarian legal professionals, especially those who decided to practice as attorneys. The award sponsors the creation of works that through their originality and professional excellence can contribute to the development of either the French or the Hungarian law, i.e. works that showcase how the substantive legal provisions or legal practice of one country can answer legal problems or regulatory questions arising in the other country.

The language of the award procedure and the submitted works is French.

Law students or any person with a law degree under the age of 35 may apply.

The award represents a one-time lump sum amount of EUR 3,000. Subject to their discretionary decision, the founders may also offer practical training opportunity to the winner.

For more information on the award, such as the terms and conditions of application and the rules of the award procedure, please visit the website